Top ten cities of Chinese bears (english)

Used to describe a man bear the name suggests is a sturdy man like bears, plus handsome masculine appearance, mature manner, in the G ring there is another word to describe them - U Bear. So where is our Chinese U bears congregate city?We now come to take stock of what:
TOP: 1
Dalian, Dalian is a coastal city, is the Northeast's most cutting-edge, most developed city, attracted a lot of people come here, the city's U Bear occurrence rate is very high, mostly 3 to 4 years married, middle-aged fat type U bears and young bears. Gu good man type. (This is true, not a puff ...)
TOP: 2
Harbin, Northeast's rugged, reflected most vividly in Harbin, U bear more and more death. Siberian tiger, overbearing type.
TOP: 3
Qingdao, is the so-called hero becomes a prisoner, beauty obsessed Shandong Han, Qingdao, Shandong man can be regarded as representative of the U re-loyalty can be described as a lot of bears in Qingdao. Is crude and refined type of loyalty.
TOP: 4
Tangshan, Tangshan everyone the impression that only the big earthquake?Tangshan, Hebei cities, economy stronger than the provincial capital Shijiazhuang.There is an old saying: "tiger, Tangshan wolf." Tangshan people are good team, walk the streets you will find in Tangshan, where U really bears more concentrated in the age of about 25 to 40. There are many descendants from the northeast and Shandong.
TOP: 5
Beijing, foreign population, mostly from the country of all varieties, U bear much is inevitable. With similar situations in Shanghai, while Shanghai bears born and raised few, but large foreign population made up this big city deficiencies.
TOP: 6
Shenyang, northeast central cities, the characteristics of an integrated Northeast, tall and mighty, you look closely you will find a lot of stall hawkers are very U.
TOP: 7
Changchun, one of the three northeastern provinces, Heilongjiang big brother above, the following is Liaoning brother. Northern summer, there will be many raging do not wear T-shirt, in a small restaurant for dinner, there are a lot of clothes shopping on a ride in the shoulder, although not very civilized, but really seductive.
TOP: 8
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia has a lot of bears, but bears are mostly straight, brawny grassland, although Bangdayaoyuan, but can only appreciate the distance, it is depressing. Have the ability to bend them breaking off, but be careful over the shoulder throw Oh!
TOP: 9
Chengdu (Chongqing), if that where the bears love to play, favorite friends (not BF), it should be right in Chengdu, Chengdu, but although many bears, but where the hell it is 0, 1 paradise. In other words, Chengdu which 0 bears and more bears, cc's more, but not an ordinary ... more ...
TOP: 10
Guangzhou, where some famous bears little, mostly north Xiongxiong Nan, came here the development. Look at the annual "Ten U" to know friends.South's raging, after all, is still relatively small, baboons and monkeys to find many, this may be related to eating habits of the bar. South more rice, the North eat pasta.Also with the climate, the south a relatively high temperature, moist, not too much fat to maintain body temperature. The cold northern winter, heating the room to be open, need more fat to maintain body temperature. Welcome to personally go over the various cities in search, find, catch their favorite Bear to take home! First stop: Dalian!

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