China bear - "Brothers" MUSIC VIDEO + lyrics + mp3 download

Authors: Bear sound-day mission - Ono
Composer: Bear Music Days group - broken on fat & Magic
Concert: Bear Music Days group - fat
Arranger: According to Backstreet Boys album "Never Gone"
"Just want you to know" adaptation
Performance: the raging tribal 08,10 10 distinctions in the year top five
music licensing: Bear Music Days mission: words, music, original music by
video copyright: the raging tribal Www. CnBear.Net

Tokyo Rainbow Festival - Gay pride parade 2011.08.14 [12 photos]

Japan's gay pride festival, called 'Rainbow Matsuri.. It happened in the 'gay district' of Nichome in Tokyo, Japan. They had some great street performances, including drummers from Okinawa, dancers, kabuki actors and more. Unlike western gay prides which are generally really commercial, in Japan they focus more on entertainment and having a good time in a relaxed outdoor environment, and it's totally free. It's really just like a big street party. At the end of the festival, they released thousands of balloons into the air, which was a nice finishing touch!

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中国のデブ - Chinese bear (HD 720P)


China bear www.cnbear.net - "Brothers" MUSIC VIDEO - 熊熊部落2011十大优熊评选战鼓即将敲响,主题歌MV【兄弟】新鲜出炉


www.cnbear.net is the best gay bear site of china . China has millions good looking bears. I expected more than this 10 guys in MV. a bit dissappointed. :( . But the lyrics of the song is very good and make me cry.